The Troy Racquet Club promotes sportsmanship, fair play and a love for the game of tennis.

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A non-member may play 6 times during the indoor season (September through May) on random or permanent court time or for leagues. A $6  guest fee is charged before playing for the first 3 visits. After that, a non-member may play 3 more times at a $12 guest fee each time.  Members are responsible for registering their guests at the desk.  Non-members may not reserve courts.  Non members are welcome to attend our classes and drills an unlimited number of times and pay a $6 upcharge per class.


Our balls in the teaching carts and hoppers are for TRC Pro use only.  You may rent the use of a ball cart for your court time for a $5 fee. You are also welcome to bring in your own hopper of balls to use.

Class payment policy

Full payment is due upon class signup for the entire session.  Pro-ration will only be allowed for late signups after the session has started providing there are spots in the class.  TRC has the right to cancel or shorten the length of a class if there are less than 4 people signed up.

Makeup Policy

One makeup class will be offered for each class level during the last weekend of each 8 week session.  You need to contact Nancy at 248-860-6775 to sign up for the makeup class.

Permanent Court Time

Permanent court time is a 34 week contract for the whole season.  A $70 per court hour deposit is required to hold the court, and the deposit is non refundable.  Billing is done in two halves.  The first half is due in September and the second half is due in January.

Random Court Time


Members may book random courts no more than 1 week in advance.   TRC has a 24 hour cancellation policy:  if a reserved court is cancelled within 24 hours, the member will be responsible for paying for all court fees unless the court is sold to someone else.