Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers list below. We have also included a few common tennis courtesies and etiquette tips to help make everyone's experience enjoyable at the Troy Racquet Club.

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Tennis Etiquette

We would like to remind everyone of a few common tennis courtesies that make everyone's experience enjoyable:

  • Do not walk across any court when play is in progress.

  • When returning an errant ball to a neighboring court, wait until a break in play occurs.
  • Don't wander onto another court to retrieve your ball, the players on the other court will return your ball as soon as possible.
  • Tennis is a fun sport, but please remember to keep your exuberance down to a dull roar.

> How do I know what level of ability I am?

Generally, you might be a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, but the commonly used rating system is The United States Tennis Association’s (USTA) rating scale.

Players are ranked from 1.0 to 8.0 (Federer and Nadal) in .5 increments. For self-ranking, see the USTA detail. Virtually all Troy Racquet Club players are in the 2.0 to 4.5 categories. Any one of our pros would be happy to help you choose the right designation.

For more details, visit the USTA web site.

> How do I know which Junior lesson program is best for my child?

One of our teaching pros will be happy to discuss your son’s or daughter’s tennis background to date and tennis goals to help find the right fit.  You may visit the TRC Academy web site to view a list of all of our Junior and Adult class offerings by clicking www.trcacademy.com

> What help with equipment or apparel can I obtain at the Club?

In addition to selling balls, we have a very modest case of convenience items, including t-shirts, sweat bands and vibration dampeners.

Also, the pros provide quick turnaround for racquet stringing and regripping.   Several brands of string available upon request.

> How do I become a member of the United States Tennis Association (USTA)?

All the information is available here on the USTA web site.